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Michelle Blandy

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Entrepreneur, Digital Project Manager, Social Media Enthusiast, Trainer, Speaker

Everything I do is customer focused. Whether it’s customer interaction, usability testing, social media complaint resolution, design, development or wireframes, I work for the people. I’m an advocate and analyst for the voice of the consumer.

I have over 16 years of experience in the digital world and have worked primarily in health insurance and pediatric healthcare. I like to mix things up, so in my entrepreneurial ventures, I’ve produced successful digital footprints for an author, event planner, chiropractor and hydroponics chain.

I get giddy over data analysis, I get jiggy when I sing in my car and I’ve got Googliness.

Specialties: Customer Service, Driving, Agile Project Management, Drupal, UX, Kanban, Scrum, Consumer-focused social media, relationship building, writing and editing, SEO, project and people manager, issue resolution, data analysis, dog training, heck, I was even a flag person for an electric company during a college break.

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