The most effective way to reach your consumers is through email, or eNewsletters. It’s still the number one place people go for information that’s pertinent to their lives. It’s also the most likely place your consumers will see your marketing messages.

eNewsletters are a great place to offer coupons and special deals and promotions to your email customers.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the average business owner is putting together a plan and getting everything set up.

But there are many free products available to business owners, that enable you to update content and send a weekly, monthly or quarterly email.

I can create the initial template and design setup, import your list and offer training on how to write effective content and add it to your template. If you have a website, I can add an email sign-up form that integrates with your growing list.

Lastly, if you need help with your content, I can write, edit, shoot video, take photos and build the eNewsletters for you.


  • eNewsletter product selection
  • template design and setup
  • email list import and setup
  • content calendar creation
  • hands-on training on firsts eNewsletter send
  • video recorded training available anytime


  • email signup integration on your website


  • create, write, edit text and images for eNewsletter

$50 per eNewsletter

  • strategize video for YouTube and shoot video
  • edit and upload video to YouTube
  • add video into eNewsletter

$100 each