Social Media

If you have a business or a product that you sell, you’re customers are already talking about it.

Word of mouth marketing happens online and a social media presence is essential to your brand.

Businesses need to claim their Google business location, Yelp! location and others. If you haven’t, your customers have set them up already, as a consumer who can review your business. You need to be part of that conversation, and preferably, driving the conversation in platforms like Facebook, YouTube and maybe others.

I can help you develop a strategy to engage with your consumers in the most time effective and manageable way possible. I start by assessing where your audience is engaging the most, and targeting the specific channels where they are found. You don’t have to be on every social media channel, but you need to be in the conversations that are already happening.

Tools Help!

There are many free and paid apps and internet-based products that are used to manage social media. I can teach you how to post a message to your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and more, through the same tool. You can also collect valuable data on how effective your content is to your audience.

Additionally, I can set up social feeds to your main site, so your social media posts show up automatically on your website. Imagine how that could work for a restaurant with daily specials! No website maintenance needed, just post a picture and caption to Instagram or Twitter and it displays on the front page of your site.